Things to Know About Fender Flares

When you’re shopping for off-road accessories, you may not know what to do to make your vehicle perform optimally. You wouldn’t install a new air intake without a filter, or subwoofers without an amplifier; why would you run OEM fenders with an aftermarket wheel and tyre combo?

EGR fender flares will prevent abrasions, dents, and scratches by increasing the clearance between the tyres and your vehicle’s bodywork. Along with the protection they provide, fender flares also give vehicles a rugged, off-road ready look. Here, we’ll discuss the different types of fender flares.

Wide Style

Wide fender flares add aggressive style to any vehicle while widening it visually. Along with these benefits, wide flares keep debris away from your car or truck’s bodywork. These are great for those who frequently travel on gravel roads.

Street Style

Unlike wide flares, street fender flares work perfectly with the vehicle’s OEM lines while protecting the wheel wells and sides. Many automotive enthusiasts prefer street style fender flares for the clearance they provide when using aftermarket car tyres in Australia, but they can also hide minor imperfections around a vehicle’s existing fenders.

OEM Style

Though modesty seems to be in short supply these days, many drivers still want to modify their cars and trucks without being too ostentatious. OEM style flares simplify things while still providing protection from debris and mud. Almost all the OEM style fender flares we sell don’t need to be drilled, and they can be put on in just a few minutes. Additionally, they add a bit more protection from the rubbing associated with larger tyres.


These are the most aggressive flares an automotive enthusiast can buy. If you’re looking for rough-and-ready looks and top performance on bumpy roads, it’s hard to beat the look and feel of bolt-on flares. Though many drivers are reluctant to use them because the installation process involves drilling into the OEM bodywork, many bolt-ons can be installed without these alterations.

The Benefits of Aftermarket Fender Flares

Most of today’s aftermarket flares are vehicle-specific and simple to install, so there’s no trimming or cutting needed. Additionally, they’re easy to take off for cleaning and painting. Our fender flares are rugged and durable, standing up to mud, rocks, and debris with ease.

Count On Us for the Best Fender Flare Selection in Australia

If you still aren’t sure which type of fender flares will suit your vehicle, we can point you in the right direction. Ask us about fitment and selection by using our online contact form, or you can call us for advice. No matter which type of flares you choose, you’re sure to improve your vehicle’s looks and performance. Along with a stainless steel snorkel for 4X4, fender flares will help your vehicle stand up to the rigors of off-road driving. Get in touch with us today and enjoy fast shipping throughout the country!

New Jaguar XK Special Edition Models Revealed

Jaguar has recently revealed two special models for the contemporary auto market. The esteemed Brit sports car manufacturer has come up with 2 XK editions with the promise of enhanced luxury & higher dynamic performance. The latest Jaguar XK releases are entitled as XK Dynamic R & XK Signature. Are you eager to know further about these 2 hot new Jaguar wheels? Well, the post below is all set to shed some light on the primary aspects of both XK special editions.

Common features

The Brit car giant has always been held high for the efficient blend of athletic high-performance & easy cruise comfort found in its models. It’s to stress here that both the new XK models have been armed with the super powerful V8 5l engine. This engine assures supreme power as well as great efficiency thanks to SGDI & DIVCT technologies duly incorporated into it. You are getting really lightweight cars here and light-weight engines given its high-grade aluminum construction. The cylinder heads of the engine is recycled with the view to maintain an eco-friendly approach. Both the models have been fitted with ZF 6 speed automatic gearbox along with wheel mounted steering paddles. The other common features in the newly released XK models are dual-wish fore suspension and 20” alloy wheels. 

Then, Dynamic & Signature has been backed with Dynamic Stability Controlling System that offers 4 modes: Winter, Normal, DSC Off & TracDSC. The steering knuckle incorporation in both the models is noteworthy as it helps to significantly enhance camber & castor stiffness say by .13 degrees/ kilo newton. 

Individual specifications –

XK Signature

XK Signature is able to dash up till 60 mph within 5.2 secs in its Coupe avatar & 5.3 secs when it’s a Convertible. Each of the cars produces a solid 515 Nm torque. The maximum pace for both of them is 155 mph & both the models deliver meager 264 g of CO2 per kilometer. The car interior features luxury seating in Charcoal or Ivory soft-grain leather. It also houses headlining by Canvas Suedecloth, Ebony veneers & sport pedals from Bright Metal. 

XK Dynamic

The Dynamic offers 510 PS of power and 625 Nm torque. The car reaches up till 60 mph within simply 4.6 seconds. It’s a super powerful and efficient model with 174 mph top speed- it emits 292 g of CO2 per kilometer. The Dynamic R is armed with Jaguar’s special ADC technology that uses multiplate clutch for vectoring torque to driven car wheel with maximum grip. Adorned with new diamond-sewn Jaguar Performance seating in soft-grain leather, the Dynamic R’s interior assures a stunning comfortable treat for the passenger. Thanks to integrated head-restraints & enhanced squab and lateral support, dynamic R’s seats confirm a secure comfortable seating for everybody in the car. You will get headliner from Jet Suedecloth complemented well by veneers from Piano Black. Much like its Signature ally, the Dynamic R also has got sport pedals from Bright Metal. 

The Dynamic R would be something like 69,950 pounds while the Signature is lesser and would take nearly 54,950 pounds. 

McLaren P1 Top Speed And Performance Specs

McLaren P1 is one of the latest hybrid steams to have rolled out in the 2014 auto scene. The hypercar is a surefire head turner that you would love to tame given its amazingly dashing features. The magnificent vehicle promises a high performance and super speedy ride thanks to the brilliant craftsmanship and power put into it. It’s only natural that you would be intrigued to learn further about the P1- here goes a brief highlighting on the top speed and performance specs of McLaren P1.

The McLaren P1 is backed by a supreme 993 horsepower and is able to dash from 0 to 62 mph within as less as 2.8 seconds. It’s quite an improvement from the F1 which had 618 hp and took 3.2 seconds to reach 60 seconds. The P1 can hit up till 186 mph within lesser to 17 seconds while the F1 took 20.3 second to get up till 180 mph.  The maximum speed to be reached by the hybrid vehicle is 217 mph. Thanks to the use of silicon carbine coated ceramic carbon brakes, the P1 is able to standstill from around 62mph within 2.9 seconds only.

McLaren has powered its all-new P1 with its very own engineered powertrain- the car comes with V8 twin turbo engine with 7-speed double clutch automatic transmission & hybrid components. Besides, the car is armed with 57 lbs electric motor which produces 192 pound feet torque & 177 horsepower. Along with its usual propulsion duties, the electric motor helps to fill in the torque gaps post shifts while turbos spool & also assists in faster upshifts. The engine & electric motor engineered into the car works together to deliver 664 pound feet torque & the magnificent 903 horsepower- the engine produces 727 horsepower & 531 pound feet torque individually.

According to market reports, the P1 engine has been improved for better collaboration with electric aspect of the vehicle. It’s fitted with new stiff block for a tight fit of the motor at its left. Then, new turbos & plumbing are installed to handle the higher operation requirements & attendant temperatures of the car- optimum blow measures around 34.8 psi. Its double-clutch gearbox assures additional cooling & could be tackled manually through paddles. 

In regards to its electric drive, McLaren P1 is able to go on alone till 6.2 miles- its 324-cell liquid cooled battery could be charged through wall plug in luggage compartment or by electric motor set on deceleration. There is a special kind of recharging function which goes with this battery. It’s called “pit-lane charging” which fills up the car battery within ten minutes using Charge button on dashboard. McLaren has claimed that the P1 battery offers greater consistency in power density in comparison to other auto battery packages & that it has been engineered to ensure faster delivery of power over the electron storage.

The car emits 194 g of CO2 per kilometer. In regards to fuel efficiency, the McLaren P1 offers 34.0 mpg, thanks to the lithium-ion batteries used in the car.

Lamborghini unveils 2014: Lamborghini Huracan

The Lamborghini Huracan has lived up to the expectations of the car lovers and has come up with some of the best features that Lamborghini cars ever saw. With a more aggressive look the Huracan is expected to top the charts by the end of 2014.

This model comes with LED headlamps and unlike the other models where there is only one Y shaped headlight the Huracan will have two of them on either side. When you look at the photo of the Huracan you may feel that it is the smaller version of Aventador but the features that this car has are much more than the Aventador. The air intakes that have been added behind the doors makes this car worth watching and buying. If we move on to the rear part the sharp edges and the tail lights have improved quite a lot. The diffuser has been strategically placed in a lower part so that there is space for a bumper. However the rear lights in this model have been made slightly smaller than what they really are but that is almost negligible.


The interior of the Huracan comes with some surprises. The A/C vents have been made to stick out. This has been a complaint from many Lamborghini owners and they have finally made a change in that part. The center console has 12.3 inch TFT display accompanied by buttons, switches and knobs all in one place. This TFT display has both infotainment system and the tachometer facility unlike the other models where they were kept separate. Throughout the cabin there is enough amount of carbon fiber.


The engine of this model has also been upgraded and this time it’s a Gallardo’s 5.2 liter with a V 10 engine. It has the ability to produce 610 HP at 8250 rpm and 413 lb ft of torque at 6500 rpm. The performance of the car has also improved by leaps and bounds. The power has increased over 458 which mean that it will be able to hit 62 mph in approximately 3.2 seconds. Apart from this it can go straight to 124 mph in just 9.9 seconds. The top speed of the car is 325 km/hr which is one of the best in all the cars that Lamborghini has got.

The performance of the car also depends on the four wheels which has got dual clutch gearbox, seven speed and there are three different optional modes of driving- Corsa, Sport and Strada. These three will have all the systems working such as the gearbox, stability control, all wheel drive system, exhaust, steering and suspension. With a Euro 6 compliant this car would help to save a lot of money on fuel because its average fuel consumption rate is 18.8 mpg which is approximately 12.5 liters per 100 km. the Huracan has carbon ceramic brakes allowing the car to stop almost instantly and the variable steering ration will allow the driver to twist and turn the car with just a flick of the wrist.

Nissan GT-R Nismo (2014) CAR review

With more modifications and new features the Nissan GT-R is all set to hit the roads. It comes with extra down force, more power and a better suspension. The 2014 edition looks to be one of the best models that are about to be launched in this year.

Coming to some specifications about the GT-R Nismo it has larger turbos than what was there in the previous model. The horsepower has increased by 55 units and many more. There is a new feature called optimized ignition timing and the fuel pump is also larger in this model. It comes with a twin turbo V6 engine which has the ability to produce 600 HP at 6800 rpm and 481 lb ft at 3200 rpm. The lb ft has increased by 18 units which is far more than any car of any brand. Apart from this there is the automated manual transmission which comes with six speed dual clutch. Unlike the other models where there was a little whirring sound this model does not have any such noise. It’s a complete driver’s paradise when it comes to the features. Given below are some of the features that will definitely take your breath away:

  • For the configuration part it has an all wheel drive system together with longitudinal front engine.
  • The engine runs in gasoline with a twin turbocharged port injected V6. This has increased the performance of the car by a great extent.
  • The block and the head of the car is made of aluminum and there are 4 valves per cylinder with an option for variable intake and exhaust valve timing. The valve train also has the facility for DOHC.
  • The fuel type is recommended as premium unleaded. For the transmissions there are sport and competition modes along with column mounted paddles together with a six speed automated manual.
  • The suspension for the front part has coil springs, independent double wishbones, stabilizer bar and driver adjustable three mode variable dampers. For the rear suspension it has stabilizer bar, driver adjustable three mode variable dampers, coil springs and independent multilink.
  • Coming to the steering type the GT-R Nismo has rack and pinion power steering along with speed proportional facility. The tires are made of Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT 600 DSST CTT and have the best facility for summer performance.
  • The front brakes are fitted with 15.4 inch two piece ventilated cross drilled discs accompanied by six piston fixed calipers. For the rear brakes it has got 15 inch two piece ventilated cross drilled discs along with four piston fixed calipers.
  • The average fuel consumption rate for this car is 19.5 mpg which is nearly 13.5 liters per 100 km.
  • This car has all the makings of a great entertainment ride. Accompanied with eleven Bose speakers it also has two subwoofers. Apart from this it has a standard iPod jack and also a normal USB jack. It has the facility for both standard and satellite radio.

Top 5 Used Luxury Sedans Under $25k

Are you planning to buy a used luxury sedan that won’t be too hard on your budget? Well, the rising prices in the automobile industry have helped to flourish the used-car market heavily and you will get some really premium pre-owned luxury sedans today. The write-up below discusses about the top 5 used luxury sedans under $25k.

1. Lexus GS 2010

The Lexus GS 2010 model is a rear-wheel drive midsized sedan. The car is equipped with a V6 3.5l engine which delivers around 303 horsepower & assures 274 pound feet of torque – you are getting 7-speed auto transmission here. In case, you are looking for some extra power, count on GS 460 that is designed with a V8 4.6l engine which produces 342 hp & uses shiftable 8-speed automatic transmission. The very economic Lexus GS is armed with 17” alloy wheels, leather seating comfort and Xenon headlights. All standard power amenities are included here like audio, communication & safety features.

2. Buick Regal 2011

The Buick Regal 2011 is a mid-size luxury sedan that assures a good buy within 25 K USD. The Regal is armed with 2.4 l 4 cylinder engine which produces 182 horsepower @ 6700 & 172 lb ft of torque @ 4900. Many of the previous users have admitted that Regal’s 4 cylinders are strong enough that relieves you from searching for a 6-cylinder option. Besides, the 4-cylinder provision also assures great fuel economy. In terms of EPA, the car offers 19 mpg on city ride and 30 mpg on highways. 

3. Infiniti M 2010

Infiniti M 2010 is another great option when you are looking for premium quality luxury sedans within a handy budget range. The car is a rear-wheel drive large luxury sedan that comes in 2 configurations- one is M35 which is backed by a 3.5 l V6 engine producing 303 hp, using 7-speed auto transmission and the other one is M45 that carries a V8 4.5 l engine that produces 325 horsepower & uses 5 speed auto transmission. The car promises a plush passenger compartment & incomparable ride. 

4. E350 Mercedes-Benz 2009

The E350 Mercedes Benz 2009 model is one of the best blends of decent performance and affordability. The car comes with a V6 3.5l engine that produces around 268 horsepower & 258 pound feet of torque. It’s a midsized luxury sedan that runs on rear-wheel drive – however, the model is also available in all-wheel 4MATIC drive too. 

5. Cadillac DTS 2011

The Cadillac DTS 2011 is a big, luxury, front-wheel drive sedan. The  car is offered in 4 trim levels to pick from. The most notable part about DTS is its large slab sides- the big Cadillac crest has been classically styled in grille with trimmed rear vertical taillights. It’s in fact, being rightly dubbed as authentic American plush sedan given the very patter of its taillights that distinct it from the Japanese and European sedan makes. The car is backed by a 4.6 l V8 engine that produces 275 hp. All the 4 trim levels of DTS uses 4-speed auto transmission. 

Free Guide to Buying a Used Car

If you are trying to buy a used car there are several things that you must keep in mind. Although it may be difficult for you to sort out the rules but there are some basic guidelines which you need to follow. Here are some tips to buy a used car which is affordable and comfortable at the same time:

  • First of all you would have to make extensive researches on places where you can get used cars. You can get in touch with local garages or people who have knowledge about used cars. But the best option would be if you go on to the internet and search for used cars. You will get plenty of websites where in all the details about the cars and the prices will be given. Since there are plenty of websites you can go through all of them and depending on the type of car you want you can choose from any one of them. If you want to know more about a particular car you can get in touch with the people who work for that website.
  • Once you have selected the car you want you would have to shift to the dealership part. This might also include private sellers who have opted to advertise for their car on the internet. If you have made the decision on a dealership then you can check online for the general opinions and the reviews about the dealer. With this you will have an idea about the strength and weakness of a company.
  • The next step would be to see the car which you want to buy. It is always wise to check the car physically. If you want you can also check it with an expert from your side. While buying a used car it is better to ask as many questions as possible to the person who is selling the car such as why he is selling the car, whether there are any problems or not and such other questions. You can also check for the history of the car. There are instances when a car is wanted and the seller has sold it by some means. So if you buy the car then the blame may come on you. This is something to look out for while buying a used car.
  • When you are done with all the checking and stuff it would be time to take the car for a test drive. This is just to get the feel and also to check whether the car is working properly or not. It is wise to test drive the car for a minimum of thirty minutes. The main reason for this is if there are any problems with the car then it would be visible in thirty minutes time.
  • Last of all you must make a final check before transferring the money. This final check may include clearing out all queries or problems or suggestions or anything. And always refuse to sign any document that has terms and conditions in it.

Fix And Prevent Rust

Automobile rust is often compared to a chronic illness that has to be handled very carefully so that you can get rid of it for good. If you want your car to work efficiently and last for a longer period of time then it is advised that you fix and prevent automobile rust as soon as possible that also appropriately so that is does not return to irritate you again. Car rust can actually hamper the entire appearance of your car and make it less attractive. Plus it can cause severe damage to your car if it is not prevented and fixed suitably. 

The paint on your car protects the metal body of your car from moisture and thus prevents rust formation. In case you find that the paint is coming out then make sure that you get your car painted again so that it can stay away from moisture and rust at all times. It is your duty to keep the car clean and spotless always. Especially the metal body of your vehicle must be kept clean so that rust cannot cause any damage to it and weaken the metal body of your car. 

Applying a wax coat on your car at least once in a month can prevent the formation of automobile rust. Whenever you wash your car, make sure that the water is allowed to drain out completely out of your car. During the months of winter, wash your car thoroughly to get rid of salt because salt is the root cause of car rust. Do not ever allow any leaves, dirt or dust to gather on your vehicle or any of the car components because these can become a source of moisture and thus cause rust formation on your car. 

A protective sealant can be applied on the area that has been damaged by the rust. You can utilize anti-rust sprays and lubricants as well to provide extra protection to your car against rust. If the rust formation on your car cannot be handled by you then contact a professional auto repair shop that can deal with it effectively and conveniently. 

Full Car Service Checklist

Car services can help you maintain your car effectively and appropriately. If your car is serviced regularly then it will function efficiently and it will be a lot safer to drive your car as a recently serviced car will be able to avoid accidents more smoothly. Car service should be carried out at least once or twice in a year so that damages can be detected and dealt with suitably by the professional mechanic. The importance of car services cannot be ignored by you ever. This post is going to put forward a full car service checklist so that you understand how the car servicing procedure works. 

First of all pre-engine checks are carried out by the mechanic. The pre-engine checks are the following: 

  • History of the vehicle including recommendations and customer comments.
  • Timing belt interval. 
  • Damages to bodywork, mirror, trims, number plates etc. 
  • Seat belt conditions.
  • Operation of exterior and interior lights.
  • Horn, fuel cap, windscreen wipers and washers.
  • Functionality of the ABS and suspension dampers. 
  • Lubricating bonnet catches, locks, door hinges etc. 

Next the following checks are carried out under the car bonnet: 

  • Cooling system.
  • Vacuum pipes.
  • Lubricate linkage and throttle settings.
  • Breather system of the engine.
  • Fluid condition and operation of the power steering.
  • Lubricate terminals and battery level. 
  • Fluid levels.
  • Secondary drive belts.

After that the vehicle is raised and the following checks are done:

  • Oil and filter is changed.
  • Brake pipes and fuel lines.
  • Tyre pressure. 
  • Front and rare brakes.
  • Clutch adjustments.
  • Suspension joints, steering, gaiters and mounting. 
  • Rear and gear box oil levels.

When the vehicle is lowered, the engine oil is refilled and the torque wheel studs/nuts are checked. A road test is done to check things like brakes, steering, suspension, heating system, engine, gearbox, abnormal noises etc. After that the level of the engine oil is re-checked and an emission report is carried out. Service lights are reset and it is ensured that the entire vehicle is absolutely clean and looks as good as a new vehicle.

General Auto Maintenance For Dummies

Owning a car can sometimes turn out to be extremely overwhelming and costly for you if you do not take proper care of it. As a car owner, you must ensure that your car is functioning appropriately. You cannot ignore any signs of trouble in your car because later on small repair or service works can prove to become more expensive and dangerous.  Here are certain general auto maintenance tips for dummies that will help you maintain your car effectively and properly.

First of all, it will be a wise move on your part to follow the maintenance steps stated by the manufacturer of your car. If the warranty period of your car has not expired then you can go directly to the manufacturer or dealer who will deal with your car problem efficiently. On the other hand, if your warranty period has in fact expired then you can approach a local mechanic or auto shop to get your car serviced conveniently. 

In case you have a general idea of how long the various parts such as tires, filters, belts etc of your automobile will work then it is advised that you buy replacements for those parts from the very beginning or save money for any future repair work on those particular car components.

You must try to repair your car on your own. With the advent of the internet, you have the opportunity to get hold of online repair manuals. Therefore you can carry out repair or service works on your car by consulting these reliable and detailed repair manuals that are available on many websites today. 

When you are replacing the parts of your vehicle, ensure that you shop for parts which have top-notch quality and can last for long periods of time. Always make sure that you follow the safety guidelines while you are repairing your vehicle. 

Change the oil of your vehicle in time. The fuel filters must be replaced as soon as these are damaged. Hoses and belts must be changed when you notice signs of damage on these car components. Vehicle tyres should also be taken care of suitably.