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We all have grown up watching the battles of cars in a specially designed road. Most of the people pretend to turn the throttle or to press the accelerator pedal, whenever they see a race. Races were done as soon as the automobiles had been invented and also been organized. The automobile sport is a development coincidence of the motorcycling. Many of the town to town automobile races are old and there had been various classes of motorcycles. The first international cup was held in Dourdan, France in 1905. Among all the European motor races, the Tourist Trophy became famous.

Motorcycle racing began in North America in 1903 in New York City by the formation of the Federation of American Motorcyclists. Later this society developed into the still-active American Motorcycle Association, by the year of 1924. The Daytona 200-mile (320 Kilometer) race is leading the US race since 1937. There are about as many types of automobile racing as there are of motorcycle racing. And few such types of racings are road racing, speedway, drag racing, hill climbs, trails, and drag racing.

Many road races are held on courses that are closed; all or some parts of roads are maybe public roads. The world championships of the motorcycle were established in 1949, based on engine displacement the automobiles are divided into several classes. That starts at, 50 cubic centimeters (3 cubic inches) and reaches up to 125, 250, 350, 500, and 750 cubic centimeters. Organizations and local clubs from all over the world conduct their own road-race international meetings throughout the year.

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indiana is one of the oldest existing purpose-built motor racing in the United States, which is still in use; it has a speedway of 2.5 miles long (4 km). It is the world’s largest capacity sports venue of any variety. It holds the top capacity of 257,000+ seats. The first ever NASCAR race ‘Strictly Stock was held at Daytona Beach, Florida, on June 19, 1949. Sports cars took a temporary back seat to GT cars since 1962, the FIA changed to the International Championship for GT Manufacturers from the World Championship of Sports Cars. The NASCAR’s premier series was sponsored by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company’s cigarette brand Winston and was called Winston Cup Series.

There are several categories of racing, they are, Open-Wheel racing, Touring car racing, Sports car racing, Production-car racing, One-make racing, Stock car racing, Rallying, Drag racing, Off-road racing, Kart racing.

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Open-Wheel Racing

There are two most popular varieties of open-wheel racings; they are Formula One and the Indy Car Series.

Formula One is a race series which is based in Europe and that runs only on street and road courses. These cars are advanced in technology and are very fast in turns and these cars can reach a top speed of 375 Keystrokes per hour or 233 miles per hour. Few of the famous races are run in the Italian Grand Prix, the British Grand Pix, and Monaco Grand Prix. The season’s finale is the Crowing of the Driver and Constructors as the World Champions.

Open-Wheel or otherwise known as Single-seater and the wheels are not usually covered. And the cars produce down force and develop adhesion to the track as the cars have aerofoil wings in the front and rear. With appropriate hierarchical suffixes, open-wheeled racing is commonly referred to as ‘Formula’ in Asia and Europe. The ‘Formula’ terminology is not followed in North America (with the exception of F1). Such as F1, the race is arranged to follow an International format, and such as Formula 3 Euro Series, a typical regional format, and a domestic or a country-specific format, the British Formula Ford or the German Formula 3 championship.

Touring Car Racing

Touring car racing is a typical style of road racing, which is run with production-derived race cars. Due to small speed differentials and large grids, it often features full-contact racing. Supercars Championship (Australia), Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM), the World Touring Car Championship and the British Touring Car Championship. The European Touring Car Cup is open to Super 2000 touring cars from Europe’s many national championships and it is a one-day event.

Production Car Racing

Showroom stock in the United States, otherwise known as Production-car racing is a rule restricted and economical version of touring-car racing. Majority of the Production car racing categories depends on particular makes of cars. With a few exceptions, most of the series follow the Group N regulation.

Stock Car Racing

Stock car racing is the most popular form of auto racing in North America. They are primarily raced on the oval tracks. NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) is the largest stock car racing governing body. Monster Energy Cup Series is the premier cup series; it is a very famous race among the Daytona 500, the Coco-Cola 600, the Brickyard 400, and the Southern 500.

Drag Racing

Drag racing is raced between two cars head-to-head, the winner will move forward to the next round. The cars may or may not be given the start signal to the start the race at the same time; it depends on the class of the racing. Cars range from the purpose-built dragster to the everyday car. According to the class, the speeds and elapsed time vary. Racings have many kind and varieties, but the unique thing that doesn’t vary is the craze and enthusiasm for the auto race.

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Racetracks for auto racing are facilities that are built for racing of vehicles, some motorsport race tracks are often called as speedways. Racetracks are facilities that are permanent facility or ambiance; most tracks would give a circuit configuration, allowing the racers to race for several laps. Racetracks are mainly designed for competition of speed, which features predefined posts or start-finish lines. Northwest motorsports partners with Fleetbip in selling the best fleet software from  FleetBip Solutions Some races have timing points, which divide the racetracks into sectors. Most of the tracks are of oval shape but often criticized for lack of excitement. Some racetracks have numerous twists and turns that make the racer to put some effort.