Are you planning to buy a used luxury sedan that won’t be too hard on your budget? Well, the rising prices in the automobile industry have helped to flourish the used-car market heavily and you will get some really premium pre-owned luxury sedans today. The write-up below discusses about the top 5 used luxury sedans under $25k.

1. Lexus GS 2010

The Lexus GS 2010 model is a rear-wheel drive midsized sedan. The car is equipped with a V6 3.5l engine which delivers around 303 horsepower & assures 274 pound feet of torque – you are getting 7-speed auto transmission here. In case, you are looking for some extra power, count on GS 460 that is designed with a V8 4.6l engine which produces 342 hp & uses shiftable 8-speed automatic transmission. The very economic Lexus GS is armed with 17” alloy wheels, leather seating comfort and Xenon headlights. All standard power amenities are included here like audio, communication & safety features.

2. Buick Regal 2011

The Buick Regal 2011 is a mid-size luxury sedan that assures a good buy within 25 K USD. The Regal is armed with 2.4 l 4 cylinder engine which produces 182 horsepower @ 6700 & 172 lb ft of torque @ 4900. Many of the previous users have admitted that Regal’s 4 cylinders are strong enough that relieves you from searching for a 6-cylinder option. Besides, the 4-cylinder provision also assures great fuel economy. In terms of EPA, the car offers 19 mpg on city ride and 30 mpg on highways. 

3. Infiniti M 2010

Infiniti M 2010 is another great option when you are looking for premium quality luxury sedans within a handy budget range. The car is a rear-wheel drive large luxury sedan that comes in 2 configurations- one is M35 which is backed by a 3.5 l V6 engine producing 303 hp, using 7-speed auto transmission and the other one is M45 that carries a V8 4.5 l engine that produces 325 horsepower & uses 5 speed auto transmission. The car promises a plush passenger compartment & incomparable ride. 

4. E350 Mercedes-Benz 2009

The E350 Mercedes Benz 2009 model is one of the best blends of decent performance and affordability. The car comes with a V6 3.5l engine that produces around 268 horsepower & 258 pound feet of torque. It’s a midsized luxury sedan that runs on rear-wheel drive – however, the model is also available in all-wheel 4MATIC drive too. 

5. Cadillac DTS 2011

The Cadillac DTS 2011 is a big, luxury, front-wheel drive sedan. The  car is offered in 4 trim levels to pick from. The most notable part about DTS is its large slab sides- the big Cadillac crest has been classically styled in grille with trimmed rear vertical taillights. It’s in fact, being rightly dubbed as authentic American plush sedan given the very patter of its taillights that distinct it from the Japanese and European sedan makes. The car is backed by a 4.6 l V8 engine that produces 275 hp. All the 4 trim levels of DTS uses 4-speed auto transmission.