Race Tyres

Racing tires are universally known as Racing Slicks, or colloquially known as Slick Tires, is a tire that has a tread that is smooth and used mostly for auto racing. Slick tires eliminate the grooves that are made into the tread, which provides maximum contact patch between the road and the tread. Slick tires are mostly used on oval tracks and road racing. Slick tires are designed for track racing and are not used for common roads and the vehicles that are used on the common roads. Because the tires that are used on the common roads can be used on any weather condition, but in case of racing that divers or competitors choose the tires according to the weather conditions. Due to the absence of tread pattern, treads of the slick tires do not get deformed during the car is loaded. Slicks that are used in Drag racing vary in size to small and wide. Slick tires were banned in the Formula One racing from the seasons of 1998 to 2008. In each race the tires are decided by the tire supplier, according to the track’s characteristics. Now, most of the races are using both slick tires and grooved tires according to the weather and characteristics of the track.