With more modifications and new features the Nissan GT-R is all set to hit the roads. It comes with extra down force, more power and a better suspension. The 2014 edition looks to be one of the best models that are about to be launched in this year.

Coming to some specifications about the GT-R Nismo it has larger turbos than what was there in the previous model. The horsepower has increased by 55 units and many more. There is a new feature called optimized ignition timing and the fuel pump is also larger in this model. It comes with a twin turbo V6 engine which has the ability to produce 600 HP at 6800 rpm and 481 lb ft at 3200 rpm. The lb ft has increased by 18 units which is far more than any car of any brand. Apart from this there is the automated manual transmission which comes with six speed dual clutch. Unlike the other models where there was a little whirring sound this model does not have any such noise. It’s a complete driver’s paradise when it comes to the features. Given below are some of the features that will definitely take your breath away:

  • For the configuration part it has an all wheel drive system together with longitudinal front engine.
  • The engine runs in gasoline with a twin turbocharged port injected V6. This has increased the performance of the car by a great extent.
  • The block and the head of the car is made of aluminum and there are 4 valves per cylinder with an option for variable intake and exhaust valve timing. The valve train also has the facility for DOHC.
  • The fuel type is recommended as premium unleaded. For the transmissions there are sport and competition modes along with column mounted paddles together with a six speed automated manual.
  • The suspension for the front part has coil springs, independent double wishbones, stabilizer bar and driver adjustable three mode variable dampers. For the rear suspension it has stabilizer bar, driver adjustable three mode variable dampers, coil springs and independent multilink.
  • Coming to the steering type the GT-R Nismo has rack and pinion power steering along with speed proportional facility. The tires are made of Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT 600 DSST CTT and have the best facility for summer performance.
  • The front brakes are fitted with 15.4 inch two piece ventilated cross drilled discs accompanied by six piston fixed calipers. For the rear brakes it has got 15 inch two piece ventilated cross drilled discs along with four piston fixed calipers.
  • The average fuel consumption rate for this car is 19.5 mpg which is nearly 13.5 liters per 100 km.
  • This car has all the makings of a great entertainment ride. Accompanied with eleven Bose speakers it also has two subwoofers. Apart from this it has a standard iPod jack and also a normal USB jack. It has the facility for both standard and satellite radio.