McLaren P1 is one of the latest hybrid steams to have rolled out in the 2014 auto scene. The hypercar is a surefire head turner that you would love to tame given its amazingly dashing features. The magnificent vehicle promises a high performance and super speedy ride thanks to the brilliant craftsmanship and power put into it. It’s only natural that you would be intrigued to learn further about the P1- here goes a brief highlighting on the top speed and performance specs of McLaren P1.

The McLaren P1 is backed by a supreme 993 horsepower and is able to dash from 0 to 62 mph within as less as 2.8 seconds. It’s quite an improvement from the F1 which had 618 hp and took 3.2 seconds to reach 60 seconds. The P1 can hit up till 186 mph within lesser to 17 seconds while the F1 took 20.3 second to get up till 180 mph.  The maximum speed to be reached by the hybrid vehicle is 217 mph. Thanks to the use of silicon carbine coated ceramic carbon brakes, the P1 is able to standstill from around 62mph within 2.9 seconds only.

McLaren has powered its all-new P1 with its very own engineered powertrain- the car comes with V8 twin turbo engine with 7-speed double clutch automatic transmission & hybrid components. Besides, the car is armed with 57 lbs electric motor which produces 192 pound feet torque & 177 horsepower. Along with its usual propulsion duties, the electric motor helps to fill in the torque gaps post shifts while turbos spool & also assists in faster upshifts. The engine & electric motor engineered into the car works together to deliver 664 pound feet torque & the magnificent 903 horsepower- the engine produces 727 horsepower & 531 pound feet torque individually.

According to market reports, the P1 engine has been improved for better collaboration with electric aspect of the vehicle. It’s fitted with new stiff block for a tight fit of the motor at its left. Then, new turbos & plumbing are installed to handle the higher operation requirements & attendant temperatures of the car- optimum blow measures around 34.8 psi. Its double-clutch gearbox assures additional cooling & could be tackled manually through paddles. 

In regards to its electric drive, McLaren P1 is able to go on alone till 6.2 miles- its 324-cell liquid cooled battery could be charged through wall plug in luggage compartment or by electric motor set on deceleration. There is a special kind of recharging function which goes with this battery. It’s called “pit-lane charging” which fills up the car battery within ten minutes using Charge button on dashboard. McLaren has claimed that the P1 battery offers greater consistency in power density in comparison to other auto battery packages & that it has been engineered to ensure faster delivery of power over the electron storage.

The car emits 194 g of CO2 per kilometer. In regards to fuel efficiency, the McLaren P1 offers 34.0 mpg, thanks to the lithium-ion batteries used in the car.