Owning a car can sometimes turn out to be extremely overwhelming and costly for you if you do not take proper care of it. As a car owner, you must ensure that your car is functioning appropriately. You cannot ignore any signs of trouble in your car because later on small repair or service works can prove to become more expensive and dangerous.  Here are certain general auto maintenance tips for dummies that will help you maintain your car effectively and properly.

First of all, it will be a wise move on your part to follow the maintenance steps stated by the manufacturer of your car. If the warranty period of your car has not expired then you can go directly to the manufacturer or dealer who will deal with your car problem efficiently. On the other hand, if your warranty period has in fact expired then you can approach a local mechanic or auto shop to get your car serviced conveniently. 

In case you have a general idea of how long the various parts such as tires, filters, belts etc of your automobile will work then it is advised that you buy replacements for those parts from the very beginning or save money for any future repair work on those particular car components.

You must try to repair your car on your own. With the advent of the internet, you have the opportunity to get hold of online repair manuals. Therefore you can carry out repair or service works on your car by consulting these reliable and detailed repair manuals that are available on many websites today. 

When you are replacing the parts of your vehicle, ensure that you shop for parts which have top-notch quality and can last for long periods of time. Always make sure that you follow the safety guidelines while you are repairing your vehicle. 

Change the oil of your vehicle in time. The fuel filters must be replaced as soon as these are damaged. Hoses and belts must be changed when you notice signs of damage on these car components. Vehicle tyres should also be taken care of suitably.