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New Jaguar XK Special Edition Models Revealed

Jaguar has recently revealed two special models for the contemporary auto market. The esteemed Brit sports car manufacturer has come up with 2 XK editions with the promise of enhanced luxury & higher dynamic performance. The latest Jaguar XK releases are entitled as XK Dynamic R & XK Signature. Are you eager to know further about these 2 hot new Jaguar wheels? Well, the post below is all set to shed some light on the primary aspects of both XK special editions.

Common features

The Brit car giant has always been held high for the efficient blend of athletic high-performance & easy cruise comfort found in its models. It’s to stress here that both the new XK models have been armed with the super powerful V8 5l engine. This engine assures supreme power as well as great efficiency thanks to SGDI & DIVCT technologies duly incorporated into it. You are getting really lightweight cars here and light-weight engines given its high-grade aluminum construction. The cylinder heads of the engine is recycled with the view to maintain an eco-friendly approach. Both the models have been fitted with ZF 6 speed automatic gearbox along with wheel mounted steering paddles. The other common features in the newly released XK models are dual-wish fore suspension and 20” alloy wheels. 

Then, Dynamic & Signature has been backed with Dynamic Stability Controlling System that offers 4 modes: Winter, Normal, DSC Off & TracDSC. The steering knuckle incorporation in both the models is noteworthy as it helps to significantly enhance camber & castor stiffness say by .13 degrees/ kilo newton. 

Individual specifications-

XK Signature

XK Signature is able to dash up till 60 mph within 5.2 secs in its Coupe avatar & 5.3 secs when it’s a Convertible. Each of the cars produces a solid 515 Nm torque. The maximum pace for both of them is 155 mph & both the models deliver meager 264 g of CO2 per kilometer. The car interior features luxury seating in Charcoal or Ivory soft-grain leather. It also houses headlining by Canvas Suedecloth, Ebony veneers & sport pedals from Bright Metal. 

XK Dynamic

The Dynamic offers 510 PS of power and 625 Nm torque. The car reaches up till 60 mph within simply 4.6 seconds. It’s a super powerful and efficient model with 174 mph top speed- it emits 292 g of CO2 per kilometer. The Dynamic R is armed with Jaguar’s special ADC technology that uses multiplate clutch for vectoring torque to driven car wheel with maximum grip. Adorned with new diamond-sewn Jaguar Performance seating in soft-grain leather, the Dynamic R’s interior assures a stunning comfortable treat for the passenger. Thanks to integrated head-restraints & enhanced squab and lateral support, dynamic R’s seats confirm a secure comfortable seating for everybody in the car. You will get headliner from Jet Suedecloth complemented well by veneers from Piano Black. Much like its Signature ally, the Dynamic R also has got sport pedals from Bright Metal. 

The Dynamic R would be something like 69,950 pounds while the Signature is lesser and would take nearly 54,950 pounds. 

DIY Dent And Scratch Repair Guides

Dents and scratches on your car are surely damaging for the overall appearance of the vehicle and at times its functionality as well. Now, if the scratches or dents are not too severe you don’t have to rush to a professional mechanic always. In fact your toolbox and the basic DIY skills will suffice to straighten the car in a cost effective way. The article here is a brief on DIY dent & scratch repair.

Dent Repair

  • Locate the dent center & drill hole into it with 1/8 inch drill bit. 
  • Thread dent pulling equipment into just drilled hole and after it’s placed properly, flatten the car dent by either pulling in out or pulling on it. 
  • Now, hammer the dent front very carefully with your metalworking hammer- simultaneously make sure to stay firm with the dolly against the dent back. 
  • Use one medium sized grit disk placed on drill that will help in grinding paint down towards bare metal , expanding the space by minimum 1” around the car dent itself. Now, fill up the space with premium body filler.
  • Let the filler dry up completely. After it has dried up, you have to go for a very careful sanding on the zone. Get a good sandpaper wrapped around wooden block. The experts suggest starting with  36-grit sandpaper & working up to 120-grit.
  • Prime the zone with spray primer. You have to allow minimum 6 primer coats. 
  • Sand up the primer with 600-grit dry & wet sandpaper. Now, touch up the place with matching car paint. 

Scratch Repair

  • If your car has got a nasty scratch you have to start by sanding the scratch with a 240-grit sandpaper at first and then graduate to a 320-grit sandpaper. 
  • Go slow to assure a smooth & even surface. Deeper scratches demand sanding by 800-grit dry and wet sandpaper. 
  • If the scratched surface is finally smoothened and flattened, you have to take up a thorough clean up of the area to eliminate all the settled sand, debris and dust particles. 
  • Now, apply primer.
  • There must be 3 color coats on the primed surface. Finish it up with a neat clear coat.