Full Car Service Checklist

Car services can help you maintain your car effectively and appropriately. If your car is serviced regularly then it will function efficiently and it will be a lot safer to drive your car as a recently serviced car will be able to avoid accidents more smoothly. Car service should be carried out at least once or twice in a year so that damages can be detected and dealt with suitably by the professional mechanic. The importance of car services cannot be ignored by you ever. This post is going to put forward a full car service checklist so that you understand how the car servicing procedure works. 

First of all pre-engine checks are carried out by the mechanic. The pre-engine checks are the following: 

  • History of the vehicle including recommendations and customer comments.
  • Timing belt interval. 
  • Damages to bodywork, mirror, trims, number plates etc. 
  • Seat belt conditions.
  • Operation of exterior and interior lights.
  • Horn, fuel cap, windscreen wipers and washers.
  • Functionality of the ABS and suspension dampers. 
  • Lubricating bonnet catches, locks, door hinges etc. 

Next the following checks are carried out under the car bonnet: 

  • Cooling system.
  • Vacuum pipes.
  • Lubricate linkage and throttle settings.
  • Breather system of the engine.
  • Fluid condition and operation of the power steering.
  • Lubricate terminals and battery level. 
  • Fluid levels.
  • Secondary drive belts.

After that the vehicle is raised and the following checks are done:

  • Oil and filter is changed.
  • Brake pipes and fuel lines.
  • Tyre pressure. 
  • Front and rare brakes.
  • Clutch adjustments.
  • Suspension joints, steering, gaiters and mounting. 
  • Rear and gear box oil levels.

When the vehicle is lowered, the engine oil is refilled and the torque wheel studs/nuts are checked. A road test is done to check things like brakes, steering, suspension, heating system, engine, gearbox, abnormal noises etc. After that the level of the engine oil is re-checked and an emission report is carried out. Service lights are reset and it is ensured that the entire vehicle is absolutely clean and looks as good as a new vehicle.