Fix And Prevent Rust

Automobile rust is often compared to a chronic illness that has to be handled very carefully so that you can get rid of it for good. If you want your car to work efficiently and last for a longer period of time then it is advised that you fix and prevent automobile rust as soon as possible that also appropriately so that is does not return to irritate you again. Car rust can actually hamper the entire appearance of your car and make it less attractive. Plus it can cause severe damage to your car if it is not prevented and fixed suitably. 

The paint on your car protects the metal body of your car from moisture and thus prevents rust formation. In case you find that the paint is coming out then make sure that you get your car painted again so that it can stay away from moisture and rust at all times. It is your duty to keep the car clean and spotless always. Especially the metal body of your vehicle must be kept clean so that rust cannot cause any damage to it and weaken the metal body of your car. 

Applying a wax coat on your car at least once in a month can prevent the formation of automobile rust. Whenever you wash your car, make sure that the water is allowed to drain out completely out of your car. During the months of winter, wash your car thoroughly to get rid of salt because salt is the root cause of car rust. Do not ever allow any leaves, dirt or dust to gather on your vehicle or any of the car components because these can become a source of moisture and thus cause rust formation on your car. 

A protective sealant can be applied on the area that has been damaged by the rust. You can utilize anti-rust sprays and lubricants as well to provide extra protection to your car against rust. If the rust formation on your car cannot be handled by you then contact a professional auto repair shop that can deal with it effectively and conveniently. 

Full Car Service Checklist

Car services can help you maintain your car effectively and appropriately. If your car is serviced regularly then it will function efficiently and it will be a lot safer to drive your car as a recently serviced car will be able to avoid accidents more smoothly. Car service should be carried out at least once or twice in a year so that damages can be detected and dealt with suitably by the professional mechanic. The importance of car services cannot be ignored by you ever. This post is going to put forward a full car service checklist so that you understand how the car servicing procedure works. 

First of all pre-engine checks are carried out by the mechanic. The pre-engine checks are the following: 

  • History of the vehicle including recommendations and customer comments.
  • Timing belt interval. 
  • Damages to bodywork, mirror, trims, number plates etc. 
  • Seat belt conditions.
  • Operation of exterior and interior lights.
  • Horn, fuel cap, windscreen wipers and washers.
  • Functionality of the ABS and suspension dampers. 
  • Lubricating bonnet catches, locks, door hinges etc. 

Next the following checks are carried out under the car bonnet: 

  • Cooling system.
  • Vacuum pipes.
  • Lubricate linkage and throttle settings.
  • Breather system of the engine.
  • Fluid condition and operation of the power steering.
  • Lubricate terminals and battery level. 
  • Fluid levels.
  • Secondary drive belts.

After that the vehicle is raised and the following checks are done:

  • Oil and filter is changed.
  • Brake pipes and fuel lines.
  • Tyre pressure. 
  • Front and rare brakes.
  • Clutch adjustments.
  • Suspension joints, steering, gaiters and mounting. 
  • Rear and gear box oil levels.

When the vehicle is lowered, the engine oil is refilled and the torque wheel studs/nuts are checked. A road test is done to check things like brakes, steering, suspension, heating system, engine, gearbox, abnormal noises etc. After that the level of the engine oil is re-checked and an emission report is carried out. Service lights are reset and it is ensured that the entire vehicle is absolutely clean and looks as good as a new vehicle.

General Auto Maintenance For Dummies

Owning a car can sometimes turn out to be extremely overwhelming and costly for you if you do not take proper care of it. As a car owner, you must ensure that your car is functioning appropriately. You cannot ignore any signs of trouble in your car because later on small repair or service works can prove to become more expensive and dangerous.  Here are certain general auto maintenance tips for dummies that will help you maintain your car effectively and properly.

First of all, it will be a wise move on your part to follow the maintenance steps stated by the manufacturer of your car. If the warranty period of your car has not expired then you can go directly to the manufacturer or dealer who will deal with your car problem efficiently. On the other hand, if your warranty period has in fact expired then you can approach a local mechanic or auto shop to get your car serviced conveniently. 

In case you have a general idea of how long the various parts such as tires, filters, belts etc of your automobile will work then it is advised that you buy replacements for those parts from the very beginning or save money for any future repair work on those particular car components.

You must try to repair your car on your own. With the advent of the internet, you have the opportunity to get hold of online repair manuals. Therefore you can carry out repair or service works on your car by consulting these reliable and detailed repair manuals that are available on many websites today. 

When you are replacing the parts of your vehicle, ensure that you shop for parts which have top-notch quality and can last for long periods of time. Always make sure that you follow the safety guidelines while you are repairing your vehicle. 

Change the oil of your vehicle in time. The fuel filters must be replaced as soon as these are damaged. Hoses and belts must be changed when you notice signs of damage on these car components. Vehicle tyres should also be taken care of suitably. 

Windshield Repair VS. Replacement

Windshield is considered to be a most vital component of your car because it actually protects your car and you from different man-made and natural disasters. If your car’s safety is a priority for you then you must take proper care of your car’s windshield. This article will help you get acquainted with two ways in which you can maintain your car’s windshield:  First, windshield repair and second windshield replacement. 

Firstly, you must remember that these two processes are quite different from each other. Windshield repair means the technician will repair a crack or windshield chip and seal it completely. Once that is done, the windshield will look as good as a new windshield and you will not have to worry about installing a new windshield in your car. Windshield repair can be done in about fifteen to thirty minutes and the whole repair procedure is not that costly. You will just have to spend around $50 to get your car’s windshield repaired. If your car is insured then the windshield repair is something that will be preferred by the automobile insurance agency. 

On the other hand, windshield replacement is the process by which the technician will remove the old or broken windshield with a brand new windshield. Windshield replacement cannot be done in fifteen to twenty minutes. The technician might take around forty-five to sixty minutes to replace your windshield because a lot of force and patience is required to break an existing windshield. A brand new windshield will obviously turn out to be extremely expensive and will cost you around $200 and more. The auto insurance agency will pay for your windshield replacements only if you pay the deductible first. 

Whether you pick windshield replacement or repair procedure that will surely depend on the severity location and size of the damage caused to your windshield.  If you notice small chips or cracks on the windshield then get it repaired as soon as possible so that you can avoid costly windshield replacement procedure. But in case the destruction caused to the windshield is huge then you should opt for windshield replacement process instead of getting it repaired.